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Offering a full range of farming services.

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We offer a range of agricultural services. All of these services come with the same promise of friendly, efficient service and quality workmanship to ensure your satisfaction. 
We use the most efficient and up to date equipment and tools with qualified and fully trained staff operating them at all times.

We provide the following agricultural Services:


  • Windrowing

  • Grain Harvesting

  • Fine Chop Forage Harvesting

  • Round and Square Bailing

  • Fodder Beet Planting and Harvesting

  • Maize Planting  and Harvesting

  • Ploughing and Cultivation

  • Direct and Conventioanal Drilling

  • Transport Services

  • Muck and Compost Spreading

  • Supplementary Feed Sales


We Operate a wide Range of Machinery, capeable of carrying out the biggest of jobs. We have the knowledge and expertese to advise the best solution for your situation. All machines are operated with Greenstar Auto Steer


We operate:




  • 4x Reversable Ploughs (5F-12F)

  • Vaderstad Topdown 7M

  • Sumo trio 6.5M

  • Simba SL 7M

  • Sunflower Cultivator 9M

  • Bednar Discs 10M

  • Vaderstad Carrier XL 625

  • Scimitar Landleveller 7M

  • Chisel Plow 6M

  • Austin Cambridge Roller 9M

  • Watson Breaker Ring Roller 7M

  • Simba Unipress 7M


Drilling / Planting


  • Allens Direct Drill HD 6M(Capeable of Fertiliser/ Slugbait/ Insecticide)

  • John Deere 750A Drill

  • Vaderstad Rapid 8M(Conventional Cultivation Drill)

  • Vaderstad Sprit 9M drill

  • Vaderstad Tempo F Maize Planter(Capeable of Fertiliser and Plants at 750mm Row Spacing)

  • Vaderstad Tempo V Beet Planter
    (Capeable of Fertiliser and Plants at 500mm Row Spacing)

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Forage/Beet/Maize Harvesting and Bailing

We offer the full range of Forage/ Beet Harvesting Machinery, operating the latest technology availiable to get your crops in on time everytime.

Our Foragers are equipped with the latest Greenstar Autotrack,  Active Fill Control and Harvest Lab -  Constituent Sencing which produces Maps with:

  • Moisture/ DM

  • Protein

  • Starch

  • NDF/ ADF (Fibre)

Also, there are the options of Kernalstar Processer


We Operate:


Forage Harvesting

  • John Deere8500i
    Forage Harvester with Grass Front & 8 Row Maize Front

  • John Deere 9700i

  • Forage Harvester with Grass Front & 12 Row Maize

  • Zurn 700 whole crop front 7M

  • 2 x Bergmann Loader Wagons (Long Chop Silage)

  • 3 x JCB Stack Loaders
    435 Equiped with Buckrakes


Baling / Mowing / Raking


  • 2x Krone 1290 HDPII (XC)- 8 String Baler

  • 2x Krone 1290 HDP (VC) - 6 String Baler (fine chop straw)

  • 2 x Krone 1290 HDP - 6 String Balers

  • 2x McHale Round Balers

  • 1x John Deere V461 R Round belt baler

  • 2 x Scannell Tube Wrappers

  • 4 x sets of Triple Mower Conditioners (9-11m)

  • 5 x Roto Rakes (2-6 Rotor)

  • 2 x Tedders (13m)


Beet Harvesting


  • 6 Row Grimmie Rootster Beet Harvester


Windrowing and Harvesting

The longest standing Service Provided by May Brothers.  A division we are very passionate about and always looking for new innovative ideas on how to better New Zealands Seed losses. After investigating this for years, we found the best machine for the job, - A Legacy Air Platform out of Oregon, USA which we were the first to have one in the Southern Hampsphere where we have seen staggering results from.


We Operate:

  • 4 x MacDon M Series Windrowers

  • 1 x John Deere W260

  • 5 x MacDon Fronts and R216 SP rotary front 

  • 3 x Legacy Air Fronts

  • 2 x Rotary John Deere Combines

  • 1x Claas Lexion 7700 twin rotor Combine

  • 6 x Draper Pickup and Draper Cereal Fronts

  • Trucks / Tractors & Trailers to suit



We operate a fleet of truck and trailer units capable of:

  • Flat Deck (Straw and Balege)

  • Fine Chop Silage Bins

  • Dropside Grain and Fodderbeet Cartage

  • 2 x Ritchard Western 18T Multipurpose Trailers 
    (Grain, Fodderbeet, Fine Chop Silage)

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Supplementary Feed Sales

We are Buyers and Sellers of all types of Stockfeed year round including: Grain, Fodder Beet, all types of Straw, Hay, Silage.

Contact Tim to discuss your requirements.

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Supplementary Feed Sales
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